We are proud to be a part of the Omni Broadcasting family. A local, veteran, and family-owned media company. Our station has been on the air for just over a year, and we have quickly become the go-to station for classic rock enthusiasts in the area.

At 100.3 KROCK, we believe it’s all about the music! We know that Classic Rock listeners are loyal! You’re loyal to your music and you’re loyal to your community. We know when you tune in to a station you want to hear the music, not someone talking forever on the microphone. Sure, you don’t mind a joke or two, a weather update, and definitely want to hear about what is happening in town, but most of all you tuned in to listen to the music! If this is you, you will love our station’s content!

Our programming includes classic rock hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s and live broadcasts from popular events in the area. We know how important music is to our listeners and strive to bring you the best classic rock experience possible. With 100.3 KROCK, you can enjoy your favorite tunes while you work, drive, or relax at home.

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    local, veteran, and family-owned media company. 

    We are the go-to station for classic rock enthusiasts in the area.


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