Discovering Local Talent: Parker & Ivoree

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In this episode of the B-Team Roadhouse podcast, Schuyler Black, Bobby Dewrell, and Dawn sit down with the talented married couple, Parker & Ivory. These musicians are regular performers at The Edge Seafood Restaurant and Sky Bar, where they play every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm. Their unique blend of musical styles and engaging performances have made them a hit with the locals and visitors alike.

A Musical Journey from Nashville to The Emerald Coast

Parker, a native of Okaloosa County, and Ivory, originally from Northern California, found their way to the Emerald Coast after spending time in Nashville. Their musical journey began when they met at a show in Nebraska, and they have been playing together for over four years. Their diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from rock to acoustic, have shaped their unique sound and ability to cater to a wide range of musical tastes.

Creating Memorable Experiences

Parker and Ivory take pride in connecting with their audience and creating memorable experiences through their music. They enjoy taking requests and seeing the joy on people’s faces when they play a song that resonates with them. Whether it’s a classic rock anthem or a modern pop hit, Parker and Ivory are always ready to entertain and engage with their audience.

The Edge Seafood Restaurant and Sky Bar: A Hub for Local Talent

Chris and Heather Thomas, the owners of The Edge Seafood Restaurant and Sky Bar, have created a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere that attracts both patrons and talented musicians like Parker and Ivory. Their commitment to providing a space for local artists to showcase their talents has made The Edge a must-visit destination for live music enthusiasts on the Emerald Coast.

Join the Fun at The Edge Seafood Restaurant and Sky Bar

If you’re looking for a memorable evening of live music and delicious seafood, be sure to visit The Edge Seafood Restaurant and Sky Bar on a Tuesday or Thursday night to catch Parker and Ivory Willingham in action. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you’re guaranteed to have a great time at this lively and welcoming venue.


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