Follow-up: Woman’s Forehead Tattoo Is Fake

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Kevin Paul, a renowned celebrity tattoo artist, has debunked the claim of a woman’s forehead tattoo being real. Ana, who gained TikTok fame by revealing her forehead tattoo, is now under scrutiny. The focus is on whether or not Ana’s forehead tattoo is real or fake.

The tattoo, which reads “Kevin,” Ana’s boyfriend’s name, has sparked a viral debate. Despite its popularity, Kevin Paul insists that the woman’s forehead tattoo is fake. His claims are rooted in his professional experience, and he pointed out several inconsistencies.

In the video that Ana shared, the tattoo machine is silent. However, Kevin Paul points out that a functioning tattoo machine makes noise. This discrepancy suggests that the woman’s forehead tattoo is fake.

Another point highlighted by Paul is the absence of ink flow from the machine. Unlike a real tattoo process, Ana’s video shows no ink. Instead, the markings look more like those made by a black marker pen. This further strengthens the argument that the woman’s forehead tattoo is fake.

A real tattoo also triggers physical reactions such as raised and welted skin. These reactions, along with a mixture of ink and blood trickling down the face, are absent in Ana’s video. This omission raises further doubts about the authenticity of the woman’s forehead tattoo.

Paul concludes that the viral video is likely staged. He suggests that the aim was to garner more followers for Ana and attention for the tattoo artist. Despite the video’s viral spread, the key takeaway remains – the woman’s forehead tattoo is fake.

Kevin Paul urges social media users to exercise discernment when encountering such sensational claims. As the viral debate continues, one thing is clear: the woman’s forehead tattoo is fake. This analysis serves as a reminder to verify before accepting online claims at face value.

This story originally appeared in the NY Post.  You can find the full story here: https://nypost.com/2023/11/08/lifestyle/tattoo-artist-shames-woman-who-got-boyfriends-name-inked-on-her-forehead-100-fake/

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